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What tends to actually happen when a bomb explodes on a plane.

While bombs exploding on planes are potentially disastrous, they often don’t end in complete disaster. More frequently, they result in significant damage to the plane and perhaps the person carrying the bomb being killed. This was illustrated recently by the bombing in Mogadishu. Pilot recounts blast on jet. The implication for airline security is again…

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Morrissey accuses male San Francisco airport officer of sexually assaulting him at security checkpoint

Outspoken pop star Morrissey claims that he was sexually assault by a male security agent during a stop-search at San Francisco airport this week. The British singer said the officer “crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles.” while making his way to take a flight to London on Monday, July 27. Read more:…

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This Is How TSA Decides If You Might Be Acting Like A Terrorist

“Next time you go through airport security, do your best to avoid yawning, whistling, or complaining too much: Any of those behaviors could make you look like a terrorist in the eyes of a Transportation Security Administration screening agent, according to newly disclosed government documents.” More details on this program, which has no scientific basis…

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