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i became aware in the mid-2000's because of the implausible 9/11 story and the antics of George Bush, and i was brought into the political realm by the 2008 campaign of the first politician whom i actually believed when he spoke -- Ron Paul (they made a bobblehead doll of him once, but the head didn't move), and now i am a staunch constitutional conservative and i endorse fiscal conservatism and social liberalism (which means i believe the government should stay out of our personal lives).

Ron Paul makes the Case for closing down DHS

Ron Paul posted an article on March 2, 2015 , “Department of Homeland Security: What is it Good For?” Obviously, he makes a good case for moving the constitutional duties of the Dept of Homeland Security to other agencies and then shutting it down for good.  Here’s what he says specifically about the TSA (emphasis…

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